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What I’m currently up to

2015-09-12 Gruenzeugs

What are you up to currently?
Was machst du zur Zeit?

… nach dem Beispiel von Bailey Jean [1] und auf Englisch, weil es so viel besser funktioniert als im Deutschen 😉

Reading… books from Cathy Glass. I’ve just finished Will you love me? [2] and I am waiting for Cut [3] to be deliverd to me from the UK. In the meantime I started Taming the Tiger [4]. I had it in my bookshelf for quite some time and I can’t remember why I bought it. But I can’t let unread books stay in my shelf, so I just started it until my ordered book arrives ^^

Watching… anime series on Netflix. We’ve just finished Samurai Champloo [5] and I’m sure we’re going to start another one soon 😀

Eating… cashew nuts and lupinesse chocolate ice cream (not mixed together, of course ^^).

Drinking… cups of cocoa with self made chai syrup, but I ran out of chai syrup so I use maple syrup instead. Hubby, you need to make more chai syrup!

Feeling… a bit cold. After the warmth of summer I am not quite adjusted to colder weather. And it’s too early so that the main heater is still turned off. But lucky me I have my hubby to keep me warm <3

Enjoying… blogging every day. It’s a lot of work – I can tell ya – but actually I like it.

Working… a bit of overtime because some of my colleagues are on holidays and we still need to get our stuff done in time.

Wondering… if there will be another sunny weekend this year so we can go for some more hiking and climbing before it’s getting too cold.

Thinking… about my current sewing projects instead of just sewing them 😉

Loving… the new fabrics I just bought. They are so darn cute! I will show you soon – when I’ve stopped thinking about sewing and actually doing it 😀

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